The Future of Personal Safety

Is No Longer The FuturePersonal SafetyRe-Defined

Technology that literally puts personal safety in your hands

The world's first and only crowd-sourced scanning network (CCSN) that finds missing persons and warns you of people with a criminal history.

Prevention is not only better than a cure, it is now possible!

What people have to say...

It's hard to believe what we have seen on TV in concept is actually happening.
Some shocking Australian statistics
Children missing daily
Cold Cases

Children missing hourly
Sex offences daily
Our Brand Promise

Our Brand Promise

To restore some of the freedoms we used to cherish and enjoy.
Our Mission

Our Mission

We want our users to have the peace of mind that advanced technology offers.
Constant Vigilance

Constant Vigilance

A platform that keeps us safer by always providing immediate personal protection.



We will maintain the highest ethical standards whilst pursuing our goal of personal safety.

Our Community

Leelou Private Eye Smart Glasses

Leelou Private Eye uses facial recognition to scan a person's face either in real time or from a photo.

Users are notified when the glasses identify a profile from the Missing Person's or Offender's Register.

Not only will they help make the world a safer place, you can use them as a phone, camera and a GPS navigator. Dozens of other Android apps are available for use as well.

Join the community and become a Leelou Private Eye member today.

Missing Person's Register

When someone goes missing, especially a child, it's natural to panic.

Leelou Private Eye is the only platform on the planet that proactively looks for missing persons.

Simply upload your missing person's information.

Once verified, the network starts scanning immediately.

Offender's Register

Leelou Private Eye actively scans for Offenders on its register, which is 100% anonymous. Nobody will ever know who submitted an Offender!

Members of the public who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence or sex related offences, are encouraged to use this register to help prevent future offences.

Until now, there has been very little to help prevent these crimes - and calling the Police won't help. As a general rule, Police cannot do anything until a crime has been committed.

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