Offender's Register

If you have experienced or witnessed the damaging and crippling effects of Domestic or Family Violence or a sex related crime, then you will know the pain and devastation it causes individuals, families and communities.

Until now, there has been very little to help prevent these crimes – and calling the Police won’t help. As a general rule, Police cannot do anything until a crime has been committed. By then, it’s too late.

What if we knew whether someone had
a history of these offences, before meeting them?

With Leelou Private Eye, you can!

Much is done to protect the innocence of an offender who has served their time for crimes of Family and Domestic Violence and Sex related offences.  Such information is hard to find. However, we believe a safe decision is an informed decision.  So we have created the Offender's Register to help keep you and your loved ones safer.

It’s a lot like a Risk Check.  They’re everywhere these days – and most are commercially related.  They include -

  • Finance checks for personal and business loans
  • Rental checks for tenants
  • Insurance to ensure you’re a good driver
  • Employment checks to assess job suitability

The list goes on.  However, what if you’re a parent whose daughter is going on her first date?  Surely, you’re entitled to know if her potential partner may pose a threat to her safety.

What if you're about to meet someone based on a profile from a dating app? You do not know their network or history.

Personal safety is ultimately your responsibility.

Leelou Private Eye helps people make informed decisions using information they might otherwise never know.  Leelou Private Eye receives information from the crowd, from people like you.

All supplied information is verified by Leelou Private Eye staff against public records to ensure that it is accurate.  If an Offender is verified, their profile is immediately uploaded to our network.  Users are notified when an Offender has been identified either in real time or from a photo using the Smart Glasses.

Although the register is created for and by the public, it cannot be used to search for offenders. The platform does not record information other than that which is already publicly available.  It merely scans and checks to see if a profile is on the register and alerts you via the Leelou App.

While we cannot guarantee the personal safety of users, we will alert you of any offenders in your community. 

The cost to upload an Offender to the Register is $99. This covers the administration and investigation by our staff of supplied information.

The Police solve crimes.  Leelou Private Eye aims to prevent them.  Leelou is committed to creating a safer world.  If you want the same, then let’s get started!